About Us.

The Skye Flying Club was started in the late 1990s, in the wake of the heady days of the microlight revolution of the preceding decade.

The leading lights at that stage were the late Tom and Elizabeth Westman (Tom had been a World War II fighter-pilot, whilst his wife Elizabeth had been a Silver 'C' glider pilot), David Faulkner-Bryant (life-long flier, Tiger Club member, former PFL Chairman) and Alistair Ferguson (Raven flex-wing pilot).

G-MWPW on apron

Tom Westman's Chevron 2 G-MWPW on the apron at Ashaig

A hangar was built, evening classes took place and the occasional fly-in flew in. However, with no flying instruction on offer and only one Skye-based pilot and in-permit microlight, interest and activity fell away and the club lay dormant for some 15 years.

However, things changed in 2013. The club reformed initially as a microlight flying club with Mike Westman (son of the founder Tom) investing in an Ikarus C42 and becoming a flying instructor. A small but enthusiastic group began to learn to fly once more on Skye. In 2016 Mike decided to move down South for family reasons and headed off with the C42 leaving the club with no aircraft and initially facing an uncertain future.

Mike Westman's Ikarus C42

Mike Westman's Ikarus C42

Skye Flying Club Reborn

The club was fortunate however to have been joined by James Brown, a very experienced group A flying instructor who had recently moved onto Skye, having worked with the charity Aerobility for many years at their main base in Blackbush in Surrey. Aerobility is a major charity who's aim is to enable the disabled to experience the joy of flying and gain flying qualifications if they wish. Through James's contacts the club was given access to a Scottish Aviation Bulldog G-DISA, by its owner Ian Whiting who's a strong supporter of Aerobility.

G-DISA Scottish Aviation Bulldog

G-DISA Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The club further invested in the hangar at Ashaig by improving the exterior surface and installing a new concrete taxiway to join the hanger apron to the main apron so our aircraft can taxi safely on a paved surface all the way.

Between 2016 and 2020 the club thrived but then came the pandemic which put paid to flying and caused the Bulldog to be grounded out of certification and at the same time our instructor had to leave the island.

Enter David Broom, new to Skye, World Air Games 2015 Champion, flexwing and fixed wing microlight instructor and examiner, with over 6000 flying hours and experience in running his own flying school.

David agreed to step up to the position of Chairman and decided to re-create the club's associated flying school as "Flying Skye" and so we were in a position to progress again.

SkyRanger Nynja

Flying Skye's SkyRanger Nynja Trainer

Sadly, throughout 2023 we failed to attract anywhere near enough students to make the school financially viable, and so unfortunately it has had to close.

If you are interested in flying at Broadford Aerodrome, or are an existing pilot looking for somewhere to base your aircraft, please use the Contact page link to get in touch with the Secretary at the Skye Flying Club.

The owners of Ashaig Airstrip at Broadford are the Highland Council. They are very pro-aviation and keen to see our efforts flourish and have been very generous in the support given to us. We have negotiated a rolling contract with them that covers our use of the airfield and all landing fees for the club. This means that the club has access to over 800 yards of lovely, flat asphalt (the runway is 25/07) to land on and all in extremely good condition, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Council's TEC Services.